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10 Best Advertising Ways

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Best Advertising Ways

For entrepreneurs, the way they promote business and attract attention has changed dramatically in the past decade.

So far, the most critical change is digital advertising spending. Zenith's research report predicts that by 2020, US Internet advertising spending will increase by 12.4%, reaching more than US$135 billion, accounting for 53% of advertising spending. This indicates that longer than half of all advertising expenditures have now been transferred to online media.

With the current online world, your company's ability to gain more online attention has increased. Presently is a great time to get an advantage of the evolving trends and promote your business.

We will present the best ten most famous advertising platforms and how to use them for marketing your business in 2020 and beyond.

Some advertising ways below

1) Pay per Click (Search Ads)

Make no mistakes; Google is an advertising player. It seems to provide you with useful information and tools (Google Docs, Gmail, Calendar, etc.), but it gives all these neat things to make sure you see your ads. 85% of Google's wealth originates from the Google Ads program.

In the past decade, the popularity of Google advertising has skyrocketed. In 2019, Google exceeded 160 billion searches per month. For all dollars a business uses on Google Ads, people can arrange an average of $2.

Individual advantage of pay-per-click advertising means that you pay for anything users click on. The capacity to target and examine particular demands and carry out niche market activities means that buyers are very interested.

The particular disadvantage may be competition from different businesses in the related industry. With easy access to Google Ads, multiple advertisers compete for the top spot in the most popular market.

2) Social Media Ads

Advertising is the economic engine that powers all social networks. LinkedIn began giving paid advertising in 2005, and Facebook started advertising in 2007. Instagram added ads to the program in 2013, only three years after the app was published.

The world has become customary to the plan of seeing advertisements on its social media. Many people ignore them but still see them, leading to familiarity. With the invention of tools such as Facebook's lead form, the platform has expanded the way advertisers enter their market.

For those you need to advertise on Facebook, the average payment per acquisition (CPA) is cheap. A study conducted by Wordstream in 2018 found that the average CPA for all industries on Facebook was $18.68 (compared to $48.96 for Google Ads).

3) Email Marketing

Fifteen years ago, when you got an email, you opened it. Today, the opportunity to open all emails has been reduced. Although the open rate of email has fallen sharply in the past decade, the average available rate in 2019 has remained stable at 22%.

Depending on your market, you can still send emails to customers via email. When an email strategy is included in a more extensive system, it can help you keep your products and co-operations for customers' purposes.

4) Press Releases

As long as your company does newsworthy things, you can easily send press releases to local and regional media. Public relations are a powerful media tool for advocacy. Free distribution through trusted news channels means that more people are watching them and are likely to interact with them. You can use multiple websites to publish news, such as PR Log and 24/7 press release.

5) Influencer Marketing

With the increasing popularity of micro-celebrities and influencers, a relatively novel and untested advertising model has emerged. "Influencers" are popular on Instagram and YouTube, and their fan bases are large (typical statistics are more than 10,000 followers).

Influential marketers can help you expand brand influence and provide sales incentives. According to SproutSocial research, the average price of using influential brands to advertise a brand is $271 per post. As influencers, including higher than 100,000 followers, the average cost per camp is $763.

6) Podcast Ads

Over the past decade, with the increasing popularity of podcasts, advertisers have many options to attract interested audiences.

Podcast advertisers are often referred to as "sponsors" because they enable podcasters to maintain their business. As compensation for sponsorship, an advertisement (similar to a broadcast) is usually read, and the podcast host places the ad in every episode.

The most significant advantage of podcast advertising is that the audience is full of confidence in the people reading the promotion. Most listeners know that podcasts do not promote products or services that are not directed at their audience.

Generally, if you want to advertise on a podcast, the current rate is 18-25 CPM (cost per thousand downloads). Some of the more popular podcasts can charge a CPM of US$40-80 and usually only advertise products for their personal use.

7) Online Webinars

By providing introductory webinars or online seminars, you can attract target audiences and collect their contact information for future follow-up.

First, find out your target audience is online before running some simple ads to promote your event and attract people to sign up. Some people may not attend the event life but can still watch the recorded content afterward.

People who get valuable ideas from your company are also likely to become consumers. Training can be an excellent method to present yourself to a new group of potential customers.

8) Print Media / Direct Mail

Like TV and radio, the advent of Web-based content has led to a decrease in print media. However, there are still many possibilities in print media and direct mail channels.

A study conducted by the American Press Institute in 2017 found that 58% of people said they were mainly printed, while 28% said they were mostly digital. In particular, adults 65 and older are five times more likely to buy news than digital news.

For direct mail (ads sent to mailboxes), USPS reports that 42.2% of direct mail recipients read or scanned the received mail. Consumers are also likely to visit the website after discovering a product in the catalog.

Advantages: very suitable for local enterprises, can help gradually build brand awareness.

Disadvantages: Difficult to track results in real-time, and may require multiple campaigns to display results

9) Live Television & Radio

The rapid growth of digital marketing seems to mean that "old" types of media such as television or radio are not worth advertising. With the development of streaming settings before-mentioned as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime, live TV songs are no longer as popular as before.

Many consumers are still using the media and may be affected by advertising. In fact, in the first part of 2019, 92% of adults attended to the radio at update once a week, and 92% of 35-65 year-olds listened to live TV at least once a week.

Although advertising on TV or radio may seem expensive, the coverage is worth it if you choose a local club. Depending on your business, you can attract a participating audience, and then they will search for you online or on social media.

10) Video Content & Advertising

Since the launch of YouTube in 2005, the platform has become the most popular video platform globally. On average, every month, 80% of people aged 18 to 49 watches YouTube.

Not only does YouTube provide an opportunity to advertise on the platform, but the video format is more an excellent method to develop trust with the audience. Companies that use video as part of advertising and content are engaging more with customers.

The video can be used for publicity, education, and connection with existing customers. Most importantly, the cost of video production has been dramatically reduced. A company can set up its studio for fewer than a few thousand dollars and start producing high-quality videos.

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