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13 Free Advertising Sites

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Free Advertising Site

There are no free good things that can be applied to some business investments. As a small business owner, you usually have to weigh the value gained against the benefits of choosing cheaper options for advertising packaging, services, or back-office products.

With a free commercial advertising website, you don't have to choose between effectively reaching your target audience or exhausting your limited marketing resources for a separate campaign. 

Here is some free online advertising sites list:

1. Classified ads

Although printed newspapers no longer have the value of numerous advertising pages, free advertising websites are thriving in the digital space. Classified is one of the free online advertising websites with defined categories and powerful search functions.

You can post your ad and choose your account particulars later to avoid losing time to post it. The site also allows hypertext markup language (HTML) lists and backlinks to your site and provides a contact form.

2. Oodles

Consider using one of the best free advertising sites to market your small business. Oodles’ unity with social media platforms suggests that you can join your account to the company's Facebook page and post updates as quickly as a different Facebook ad is posted.

The site has a connection with Advertigo, which is more one of the free online advertising sites. You can also choose to display the Oodle list on Advertigo (and vice versa), which will give you more service exposure. It is particularly suitable for advertising consumer-oriented products and services, such as mobile and storage, landscaping and gardening, and pet care and grooming.

3. Facebook market

Most business owners are familiar with Facebook's corporate page, but what about the social media platform market? At first glance, you seem to be selling second-hand items on a person-by-person basis.

However, if you take a closer look, you will see several companies that promote their services to consumers. The best part? Users who have searched for similar offers will be notified that you are promoting products that may be of interest to them.

Facebook has billions of users and is one of the most useful free high-traffic advertisement sites for your company.

4. eBay

If you need to invite a large number of potential consumers, eBay is still one of the largest free high-traffic advertising sites. It has 23 worldwide sites and is engaged in more than 100 countries. If you can provide services to customers in foreign markets, you can use the eBay platform.

Due to its size and conditions and good search engine optimization (SEO), eBay results have achieved higher rankings and higher visibility in search results compared to smaller, lesser-known sites.

5. Google My Business

If you want to advertise on a free online advertising website, be sure to ignore the most obvious website: Google. No, we're not speaking about pay-per-click or natural search results: the "Google My Business" option enables you to create a free profile to post photos and offer discounts to invite consumers.

The platform allows users to search for products or services and view the results that rank their company pages in a prominent position. Users can contact you on the same web page by calling, sending messages, or leaving comments and comments.

6. Google Shopping

This is a great message for retailers who need capital and exposure. Since then, the "Google Shopping" label previously only included sponsored products related to Google search, but have now been expanded to include unpaid products.

If you're a merchant who already uses Google Merchant Center and Shopping Ads, you don't require taking any action to take benefit from this new option. If not, you can sign up for Merchant Center and make sure to participate in the Google platform.

When evaluating whether Google Shopping is the best free online advertising site for you, please keep one thing in mind. Although free listings appear in the organic search results on the Google Shopping tab, Google will still prioritize them by placing paid listings at the top and bottom of the results page.

7 Craigslist

Craigslist is another long-standing free commercial advertising website, and different parts of it are used for different types of products. Although the site is controversial, it is still a popular destination for selling products and services. As of September 2020, Craigslist has an Alexa ranking of 33.

Companies can promote products or services to consumers and companies to companies on Craigslist. The secret of some advertisements is that the long list of key terms added to the bottom of the advertisement prevents people from ignoring anyone looking for these terms.

8. Selling spiders

If you have never heard of Sales Spider so far, don't panic. In 2019, its Alexa ranking was about 22,000, making it one of the most popular free commercial advertising sites. However, this is most suitable for companies that can provide the same services and prices as well-known brands such as Wal-Mart.

Customers looking for products and services from Sales Spider's major chains will have the opportunity to find their offers without having to spend a lot of money to play in the area. Adding Sales Spider to the free commercial advertising website resources can also increase the number of customers on the store or sidewalk because your list includes a map of your location.

9. AdlandPro

Since 1998, the platform has been giving free classified ads. Users need a membership to use the service, but it is one of the free advertising service websites that allows you to gain unlimited visibility in various categories.

10. Let go

If you are looking for an easy-to-use free commercial advertising website, then LetGo is your ideal choice. Using this platform, users can:

  • Advertise for free
  • Participate in different types of discussion forums.
  • Add photos and videos and share your social media mentions. I hope they will make a splash.


Locanto provides you to post ads for free.

Features include options for customizing advertisements via images, videos, or HTML code linked to your website. Locanto also provides analysis that shows your performance to date and provides state-specific searches.

12. PennySaver USA

If your business is focused on local sales, PennySaver USA is a type of free high-traffic advertising website worth considering. The website declares it is "the biggest direct mail shopping publication in the United States." There are more than 11 million Americans every week

After registration, your ads will be displayed on PennySaver's affiliated websites and affiliate's inappropriate categories.

13. Geebo

Geebo claims to be a "safe area advertising" option. The company has a highly active Facebook page with nearly 40,000 followers and publishes targeted advertisements on its social media to expand its reach.

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